A mellow but rather long sidecountry tour linking two disjunct areas of Killington.









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Killington’s main area and nearby Pico Mountain are both part of the same resort, but there’s no lift service in between them.

There once was a plan to connect them, but this fell through and all that’s left is the interconnect trail.

Today it makes a tranquil ski tour through the woods, starting at one side of the resort and ending at the other.

There is a bus that can take you back, but alternatively you could set a car shuttle or simply reverse the route on your own power. The tour is mapped in the uphill direction, from Ramshead Base to the top of Pico Mountain.

You could instead go the other way, riding lifts or skinning up at Pico to ski down to Ramshead.

On the interconnect trail you’ll likely follow lots of tracks, and perhaps even treadlines from snowcats using the trail.

However it is technically out of resort bounds and not patrolled, so treat it with the same caution you would any other sidecountry. Before you go uphill at Killington, you will check their [Uphill Travel](https://www.killington.com/the-mountain/mountain-info/uphill-travel) info and secure the proper pass.

As of 2021/2022 season, an uphill armband is required.

You can then check current conditions and uphill status on their website as well. Sources: https://www.newenglandskihistory.com/skiareaexpansions/Vermont/killington/interconnect.php https://www.picomountain.com/plan-your-trip/getting-here/getting-around