One of Sedona's easiest mountain bike rides.


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Sedona is renowned for its gnarly, challenging mountain bike trails...

and it lives up to that reputation.

Rides such as [Hangover]( arguably rank among the most difficult mountain bike trails in the USA. Moreover, the average technicality of the trails in Sedona is very high.

It's difficult, if not impossible, to find a true beginner ride.

The doubletrack Bell Rock Pathway might qualify, but even there, you'll find some chunky rock ledges that are sure to challenge beginners. That said, this loop on Adobe Jack and Javelina is actually quite appropriate for intermediate riders.

While there are quite a few spicy bits in keeping with Sedona's renowned technicality, this might just be one of the easiest rides in the region.

Yet despite being easy, this loop rewards with a fun, flowy descent! The ride begins by ascending the Adobe Jack trail all the way to the junction with Soldier Pass and the Jordan trail.

The singletrack on the climb is smooth and pedally, with the only spicy bits consisting of chunky cobblestone rock sections where the trail drops into a wash and then subsequently powers back out of it.

In between, the singletrack is buff and smooth. The higher you climb, the more the views open up, until you finally pop out onto the rock slabs near the Jordan trail.

From here, you'll enjoy expansive views over Red Rock Country.

Be sure to pause to soak in the view, and consider taking a short dogleg to the left to view the Devil's Kitchen—an interesting rock formation reminiscent of a sinkhole. Once done enjoying the view, pedal along the Jordan Trail for a short distance until you turn right onto the Javelina descent. Javelina is faster and flowier on the way down than Adobe Jack would be, the singletack bobbing and weaving through the pinon pines and skirting along steep hillsides.

However, similar to Adobe Jack, the singletrack is mostly smooth, except for where it drops down cobblestone-style descents into the washes and then powers back out.

There are a few additional spicy rock garden descents, but it's Sedona...

what did you expect? One of the factors that keeps Javelina's technicality down is the mellow trail grade.

Even when dropping through the rock gardens, the trail isn't very steep. All too soon, you'll find yourself back at the Adobe Jack trailhead wondering if you should pedal back up for another lap.