Classic stormy day ski tour close to town. Great up and back that passes through beautiful old growth cedar stands.


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



Best suited for intermediate to advance backcountry riders, the uphill is most of the battle on this route. While some great storm riding can be found in the trees below Begbie Shoulder, the real delight in this ski tour is spending time meandering through some of the beautiful old growth forest.

The first half of the route provides some technical touring cutting through the sled road and up through the old cut block.

Be prepared for battle - especially in the spring.

You will be rewarded for you efforts as you move through the intact old cedar and hemlock forest.

As you make your way up to the summit you will be greeted by perky sub-alpine firs and if you are lucky a new sprinkling of snow.

This tour is favoured by many as a close-to-town morning tour that offers a decent amount of elevation.

Unless you are on dawn patrol someone most likely will have already set the track.

However, if you are putting up the first track, work the terrain and you will be rewarded. There are multiple options for descent, best bang for your buck is to double up your lap in the trees with a second lap up to 112 Gully, which is the most direct back to your car.