A popular intermediate-friendly trail near Quail Creek Reservoir.


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The Rhythm & Blues trails are popular amongst the beginner and intermediate riders in the Hurricane area.

These sunny, exposed trails roll up and down an endless series of treeless desert ridges.

These low ridges provide interesting undulations with short, steep descents followed immediately by another climb. At times, the direction of the trail is non-obvious, especially as multiple social trails create shortcuts.

While most of these shortcuts are blocked off with boulders, you'll find yourself wondering where the trail will go next as you wind around ridges, down into ravines, and then slowly grind back out. Mountain biking in Hurricane is, by and large, quite difficult.

Since Rhythm & Blues and the Jem Trails are the only truly mellow trails in the area, this loop does see some significant traffic.

This is why it's included here in FATMAP. However, this writer found the lower Rhythm & Blues trails to be dull and repetitive.

The trail here seems poorly designed, with awkward corners and unnecessary climbs that constantly kill the flow.

A straighter line through these ripples and rolls might have been able to maintain more speed and flow, but the unnecessary climbs straight up the ridge can be soul-crushing. For a much better intermediate trail with fantastic flow, head a few miles south to the Bearclaw trail near St.