Twist & Shout is an excellent short lap for beginner rides, with a fantastic downhill flow trail section!


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Twist & Shout is a short trail sandwiched between the Rhythm & Blues trails and the Boy Scout trails.

While Twist & Shout can be used as a connector between the two networks, for beginner riders, it can also form its own hot lap. This writer found the Rhythm & Blues trails just across the road to be highly overrated.

The climbs were unnecessarily punchy and difficult, and the constant uphill surges and sharp corners seriously killed the flow. Thankfully, that doesn't hold true on Twist & Shout! These trails are fantastically flowy, even through the flatlands.

This sinuous singletrack bobs and weaves through the low desert ridges, pumping up and down the small rollers and swooping around the hillsides. If you ride this route as mapped, you'll climb gradually up a mellow section of Twist & Shout and then turn left to drop into the Twist & Shout Downhill Trail.

This beginner-level flow trail provides true kinesthetic revelry as you bank around sculpted berms, flow up and down the rollers, and catch modest air off a few lips that lead to long downhill transitions.

This downhill is short, but it's an absolute blast while it lasts! The route as mapped is just 2.3 miles long, but there's no law that says you can't ride it again!