A high-value hike with a stunning overlook above St. George.


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Paradise Rim is a high-value hike conveniently located right on the edge of St.


The easy access makes it quite popular, but that doesn't detract from this hike's incredible beauty! The hike begins by traveling past a couple of rock climbing cliffs to reach the Turtle Wall trail.

This incredible section of trail ascends along a flat rock slab that twists and turns along the base of a dramatic red rock cliff wall.

While the hiking is easy, this trail is visually stunning and is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

The area is also known for its desert tortoises, so keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of these incredible creatures. Upon reaching the rim, you'll enjoy a stupendous overlook of the city of St.

George below you.

This vantage over the valley is absolutely incredible, and it's worth spending a few minutes just absorbing the vista. At this point, you have the option to take a right turn for a short out-and-back spur to reach the Boy Scout overlook.

If anything, the Boy Scout overlook is even more beautiful! However, to avoid confusion, it hasn't been included in this route map. After turning left, you'll walk along the rim and then begin to slowly descend, following the rocky rim downward.

This section of trail features some large boulders and rock slabs, some of which could be tricky to navigate and may even require the use of a hand every now and then.

But be sure to pause a few times to look up from the tricky footing to soak in the incredible beauty around you! At the bottom, you'll take a few left turns to return to the Turtle Wall trail where it crosses the bottom of the wash, then retrace your steps past the rock climbing walls to return to your car.