Steep line with a few options in Jefferson Ravine


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The Jefferson Headwall is like an alternate reality version of Tuckerman Headwall.

It's got a convex roll at the top, a steep crux with a few options, and a cool victory turn finish.

The differences, its a little shorter, way harder to get to, and you won’t see another person on it.

No matter which way you go, it's a mission to get there.

You could start at the Cog and go up and over Mount Jefferson.

You could go up King and go up and over Adams, or, take the less walking more skiing way.

Ski Stealth Gully into Jefferson Ravine, then climb the Headwall and ski it.

The route starts with a few warm up turns, then you crest over a convex roll onto the face.

The cleanest line traverses to skiers right and drops down a steep and skinny chute, but there are earlier drop ins to tighter chutes.

Ski the fall line to the bottom of Jefferson Ravine, then reverse your approach.

Be aware that while part of the allure of this line is the remoteness, it is also the biggest hazard.

A long sliding fall, an avalanche, even a hurt knee, could lead to a very complicated rescue.

Like many lines in Great Gulf Wilderness, the easiest way out is up.

Factor this into your plan and when in doubt, seek a safer plan b.