The easiest beginner trail in Moab.


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Rusty Spur is very likely the easiest singletrack mountain bike trail near Moab.

On Rusty Spur, you'll get a taste of narrow, flowy singletrack that also offers incredible views of the nearby rock cliffs.

This smooth, flowy trail can be accessed from the main Moab Brand Trailhead via a short stretch of wide dirt path.

After completing Rusty Spur, you'll pedal back up a short stretch of paved bike path to reach the wide dirt access path. This short 3.2-mile loop is the perfect spot to introduce a totally new rider to the sport of mountain biking.

There's essentially zero technical challenge to be had on this ride, but the section of narrow dirt trail provides the exhilarating sensation of mountain biking that you're undoubtedly looking for. While adding on the Sidewinder trail might seem like a logical extension of this loop, Sidewinder features a few steep grades and a bit of exposure.

It's not recommended for true beginner riders.

If you're feeling peppy after Rusty Spur, pedal back up the hill on the bike path and jump into the [Lazy EZ Loop]( instead.

Lazy EZ ratchets the technicality up a notch with a few rock obstacles, but it's still quite achievable for beginners.