Fast, flowy sidehill singletrack along an aesthetic line.


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Every trail system has a "Sidewinder" trail, and the Moab Brand Trails is no exception.

This rendition of Sidewinder does wind around the side of a dramatic hillside, dropping quickly downhill over a series of rock slabs and via a few steep pitches.

Sections of the hillside are quite exposed, and that exposure, coupled with a few of the rock features, can make this trail a bit spicier than expected.

One steep climb up a slickrock slab will make even advanced mountain bikers work hard, although it's over quickly and can be walked. This spiciness is unexpected in part because Sidewinder is reached via the Rusty Spur trail, which is probably the easiest singletrack trail in all of Moab.

Even though Rusty Spur is entirely non-technical, this smooth, flowy dirt track is a joy to ride, and it provides beautiful views of the surrounding red rock cliffs. But the real payoff? The real reward comes when you're ripping down Sidewinder! After finishing Sidewinder, you'll be faced with a fairly steep grunt back up the paved bike path to return to the Moab Brand trailhead.

If you're looking for a bit more singletrack pedaling, consider taking a right onto the [Lazy EZ Loop]( to finish the ride.