New school chunky Moab singletrack leads to a ripping fast drop down a steep slickrock slab.


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New school Moab singletrack is characterized by a ton of rock...


But unlike some of the older trails, the newer trails wind around more, climb and descend, and combine rock slabs and rock gardens into a conglomerate of rocky goodness that's both rideable and punishing. **Deadman's Ridge** Deadman's Ridge anchors this portion of the Moab Brand Trails, providing a black diamond rock fest that's challenging...

but not too challenging.

With a good mixture of climbs and descents, it's not a true gravity-fed enduro trail, as you will undoubtedly have to earn your turns.

But when the trail does point down, the short, techy descents are sublime! While Deadman's does have numerous rocky climbs mixed in, they're all quite climbable thanks to expert rock placement and armoring on the part of the trail builders.

Deadman's is a rockfest of the first order, and in the best way possible.

Bring your legs and bring your suspension, because they'll both get worked! **Killer B** If you keep pedaling beyond Deadman's Ridge, you can connect through the Long Branch and Bar B trails to reach Killer B.

Killer B reigns as the steepest and rowdiest descent in the Moab Brand Trail System, getting a double black diamond rating on most maps.

However, this trail rides the line between "Severe" and "Extreme" in our FATMAP difficulty rating. This steep descent blasts down several big rock gardens, but the most iconic feature is a steep, angled rock slab that provides a fast bomb down into the bottom of a ravine. What goes down must go up, and to get back to the trailhead, you'll have to grind back up the paved bike path.

But a little bit of uphill pain is worth it for this fantastic little rip!