A fantastic route near Portillo which is surely on every steep skier's checklist


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



Ascent: From the top of Roca Jack chairlift continue skinning up and boot packing for an approximately 800-meter vertical ascent, until you find an exposed traverse to your left.

Follow that traverse, you might need crampons and piolets.

Depending on your group, protecting the ascent with a short rope would prevent a deathly accident in case of falling.

After the traverse which is most likely the difficult section, continue for 400-meters on a 45° rampage up to the top of super C couloir. Decent: Descending Super C couloir is an extreme descent that most likely requires previous experience in big mountain and ski mountaineering adventures. From the top of Super C couloir drop south to a 1.300 vertical descent.

The upper part is the steepest section then it softens a little bit, then enjoys an amazing descent and comes back safely to Portillo. Ask ski patrol about mountain and avalanche conditions which they most likely will give you the beta of the route. Follow @andesmagazine on Instagram for more reviews about ski, climbing, and mountaineering routes in the South American Andes.

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