The most classic route of the Cerro Arenas and one of the busiest after a winter storm in Arenas Valley.









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Access: Depending on the entrance issue, due to Alto Maipo disaster hydroelectric project and Arenas Private Park which hasn´t standardized access yet (send an email to:, you should arrive very early in order to park your car near the starting point. Ascent: after you cross the access crux, which is most likely the greatest headache of the adventure, skin up the whole Arenas valley always at the right side of the river.

Once you get to the end and you could see Morado Lagoon and Morado Glacier, continue skinning up to your right to the top of Cerro Union. At the summit, you will see one of the most astonishing views of the Valley. Descent: The normal route commonly descent to the south face but lastly it has been common to see some descent to the west face of Cerro Union, dropping to Baños Morales instead of Arenas Valley. Plan correctly your route and control objective risks such as avalanches.

Be aware that you can get lost in the descent and end up between high cliffs.

Drop to your right and after a few small couloirs, continue down and at the end of a big cliff, turn left where you can spot the ascent valley. Follow @andesmagazine on Instagram for more reviews about ski, climb, and mountaineering routes in the South American Andes.

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