Link 2 of Rose Valley's best trails and enjoy some epic scenery en route.


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Taking in 2 areas of the Rose Valley trail network and some epic views across the Okanagan valley, this ride is an excellent way of getting to know the area. Park up at the Rose Valley parking lot on the corner of Rosealee Lane and Rosewood Drive and begin your hike by heading north-west up the final part of Rosewood Drive.

There is space to park at the end of Rosewood Drive but please refrain from parking here - the space there is a turning circle rather than somewhere to leave your car. Ride up Rosewood Drive and then branch off right and take one of many ascent tracks which wind up onto the rounded hill south-east of Rose Valley Lake.

We've shown the route climbing up the Silk 50 trail, but there are plenty of other options. Tear down RSVP via some steep, dusty corners and scenic open sections.

Take the turnoff to Sideshow Bob (which is pretty similar riding-wise to RSVP) and follow it down to the wide track leading to Rose Valley Lake.

Ride up the track and then branch off left and climb up Daze of Roses.

The initial kilometre of Daze is pretty steep and switchback-y but it becomes easier and more enjoyable to ride as you get higher.

The trail begins to climb away from the trees and the views across Rose Valley and Okanagan Lakes just get better with every metre.

Keep on riding up until you find yourself on a flat shelf where the trail flattens out.

It's possible to continue on higher from there but the riding isn't great, so we'd recommend descending from the shelf.

As you'll have figured out from the ride up, the ride down is great fun! The open section is open and easy, but things get trickier as you hit the trees, doubly so if you take the (recommended) detour down Gatekeeper on the lower section.

Gatekeeper features some steep and tight corners but the riding is satisfying and fun. Once back at the Rose Valley Lake track, glide down it and go for a drink in one of the West Kelowna wineries!