Hike to an overlook of a beautiful valley in Snow Canyon State Park.


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"Lava Flow Overlook Trail – also known as Lava Tubes – is a family-friendly trail that takes you down past three lava tube/cave entrances in the heart of Snow Canyon State Park," writes [HikeStGeorge.com](https://hikestgeorge.com/hiking-trails/lava-flow-overlook/).

Whether you choose to explore the lava tubes in more detail or simply hike along the lava field—or both—is entirely up to you.

Even if you stay out of the tubes, you'll enjoy the incredible scenery of the region, as well as the desert flora. The mapped turnaround point of the hike is at the Lava Flow Overlook, which provides an incredible view of the canyon below and the majestic mountains in the distance.

However, if you haven't had enough hiking yet, you can easily extend this hike by connecting to other trails in the park.

You can create a short loop by turning left onto the Butterfly Trail and then finishing the loop with a section of the paved park road.

Of course, hiking along a road isn't much fun, which is why this hike is shown as an out-and-back. Another option is to continue down into the canyon below on the Lava Flow Trail and follow it all the way to its terminus at a dirt road.

Once at the dirt road, turn around and return the same way you came. Sources: https://hikestgeorge.com/hiking-trails/lava-flow-overlook/ https://www.nomadswithapurpose.com/best-hikes-st-george-utah/ https://www.planetware.com/utah/top-rated-hikes-near-st-george-utah-us-ut-59.htm