2 Rose Valley classics which offer solitude, scenery and speed!


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Taking you around the wild and beautiful Rose Valley Lake, and leading you down 2 great descents, this ride really does showcase what makes this area so special.

There are several different ways of doing the route but we've drawn it from the parking lot just south of Rose Valley Elementary.

Another option would be to do it from the Rosewood Drive parking lot, or do some riding on the road and make it a linear route. Assuming you start from the parking lot marked here, climb up to the very distinctive Rooster Tree, and then drop down the trail of the same name to reach the northern end of Rose Valley Lake.

The riding down to the lake is steep in places, and traverses some exposed slopes, so don't rush it.

Once at the lake, the feeling of peace is wonderful, and it can be hard to believe that there's a city just over the hill.

Take some time to sit and enjoy the ambience before saddling up and riding the ever-enjoyable undulations of the classic Lake Loop. Lake Loop leads (via some sections towards the end which are too steep to ride and require some pushing) to an intersection with Daze of Roses.

Turn right and climb the enjoyable upper section of Daze, taking in the huge panoramas which open up as you ascend.

The climb leads easily up to the start of Jabbarocky, at which point the fun really begins! The trail is fast, furious and - hence the name - rocky.

It's superb riding and despite the rocky nature of the track there's always a line to avoid the biggest obstacles, which makes the whole thing feel super satisfying.

Towards the bottom of the trail you can branch off right and descend Rock Candy, a VERY steep and technical option reserved only for those who didn't find Jabbarocky hard enough! Most people stick with Jabbarocky all the way down and then climb back up to the parking lot via Silk 50 and Grant's Grind.