A visually-stunning ride surrounded by red rock formations.


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Garden of the Gods is easily the most famous natural feature in Colorado Springs.

Unfortunately, the best trails at Garden of the Gods aren't open to mountain bikes, but just south of Garden of the Gods across US Highway 24 is a fantastic mountain bike trail system in Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

The red rock formations in this open space area are a continuation of the same formation found in Garden of the Gods, making for a visually-stunning mountain bike experience! The loop shown here is one of the highest-value mountain bike rides at Red Rock Canyon.

"The outer perimeter of the core park comprises one of the best, most varied, and scenic upper intermediate routes imaginable, while hidden nooks and crannies give everyone else a chance to play," [writes](https://www.singletracks.com/mtb-trails/riding-the-springs-part-3-the-southwest-complex/) local mountain bike explorer John Fisch.

While some of the singletrack on this route is smooth and flowing, other sections incorporate entertaining rock gardens and even optional rock slab rolls! It is possible to create a less technical loop by sticking to the lower trails in the system if so desired. At the time of this writing in 2023, the trail system in Red Rock Canyon is currently being evaluated by the local authorities.

In the summer of 2022, the Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation department documented over 60 miles of singletrack in Red Rock Canyon that "shouldn't be there," according to a [report on Singletracks.com](https://www.singletracks.com/mtb-trails/colorado-springs-is-grappling-with-60-miles-of-trails-that-shouldnt-be-there/).

The trail system in Red Rock Canyon could change dramatically in the near future, as some trails are closed, and potentially others are adopted into the official trail system. Sources: [Singletracks.com, "Colorado Springs is Grappling with 60 Miles of 'Trails that Shouldn't be There'"](https://www.singletracks.com/mtb-trails/colorado-springs-is-grappling-with-60-miles-of-trails-that-shouldnt-be-there/) [Singletracks.com, "Riding the Springs, Part 3"](https://www.singletracks.com/mtb-trails/riding-the-springs-part-3-the-southwest-complex/)