A fun and logical extension to the Smith Creek classics


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Smith Creek is one of the Okanagan's premier biking destinations, and with over a dozen exceptional trails, it's easy to see why.

Almost all of the trails start from the Holy Pail uptrack, but this extension takes you even further up the hill and provides (when combined with one of the lower routes) a wonderfully long descent. To access the ride, climb Holy Pail from the parking lot and follow it up past the top of "Feel the Love" (Smith Creek's most popular trail) towards the upper section of the hill.

Shortly before Holy Pail tops out you'll see Soul Train signposted off the right.

Head up it into increasingly dense and peaceful forests.

One thing to note is that Soul Train is much less travelled than the terrain below it, and the trees around it become much thicker, so if you're going to encounter a bear/moose/something that wants to kill you, then the chances of doing so are higher here than lower down.

Take a bear spray and make plenty of noise! The climb up Soul Trail is pretty tough going and you'll likely need to get off and push a few times, but the height gain isn't huge and you'll soon find yourself at the fallen logs which mark the top of the route.

Take a well earned break and then drop onto the descent route, which is narrow, fast, rocky and fun! There is a wooden feature over a boulder right at the end of the trail but most of it is natural-feeling trail with constant interest and no major obstacles.

Once back on Holy Pail, choose one of the many Smith Creek classics to descend back to the parking lot.