A nice way to link a couple of Rose Valley's lesser known trails


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Rose Valley is never truly busy, but it's still a popular spot and in summer you'll see plenty of people riding the trails.

If you like a little more solitude, these could be the trails for you - both are slightly out of the way and are far less travelled than most of their neighbours. As with most trails in Rose Valley there are a few places from which this route can be started but we've shown it going from the parking lot just south of Rose Valley Elementary School.

Ride uphill to the start of Cattywumpus and then drop left onto it, at which point the fun begins! The riding down Cattywumpus is never truly hard, but the trail is rough and not nearly as well maintained as some around here.

The riding is satisfying but it's somewhat broken up by a few flat sections which mean that you never quite get into the flow as you'd like.

The riding might be broken up, but when it's good - it's excellent! Once at lake level, enjoy the peaceful ambience as you roll around to and then climb up Swamp Donkey, which deposits you back on the trail you originally climbed from the parking lot.

Follow the Elevator, Grant's Grind and Red Rock (none of which are well signposted so just follow your nose and the line drawn here if in doubt) up onto a ridge and then along its crest to where Bear Bones begins.

As on Cattywumpus the riding is sadly broken up by some short climbs but - again - it's excellent whenever the trail is going downhill.

Some sections of the trail are exposed above steep terrain leading down to the lake so ride with caution.

There are a few larger drops but generally the riding is engaging but not scary for most of the trail and then the lower part is pure "pedal down" terrain!