Long ascent to Slovenia's summit Triglav from the Krma valley


7 - 8









FATMAP difficulty grade



Starting as low as 980m and going up to 2865 in a single go, this route offers a fantastic scenery.

The way up is steady steep from the very beginning and altitude gain is fast.

The route is divisible in two clearly different parts. Part one goes from the parking area (980) to the Kredarica hut (2540m), and takes from 4h to 6h.

This part involves only walking, and it is easy if you handle the altitude gain of 1500m. The second part is the ridge from Kredarica hut to the summit (2865m).

Here you go into an easy "ferrata" route, or a difficult hike, depending on how you look at it.

You need a helmet to protect you from eventually falling rocks, and many people carry a self-belay system (harness and power-dissipating slings and carabiners, typical form ferrata routes).

If you are not scared of heights, the route is easy and the self-belaying equipment is not necessary.

If you want to avoid 100% the stress, then take the self-belay system.

the helmet on the contrary is for protecting you from things that you cannot control, and I'd say is necessary (a few people we saw did not have any). The hardest part of the route is clearly the descent, since you have to undo 1900m and your knees will suffer from it.

therefore, a pair of hiking poles are also almost mandatory. You can sleep at Kredarica hut, and also at some other huts below, and split the day in two.