A fantastic single black leads into a more challenging double black trail.


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This top-to-bottom tech run is anchored by the Blockhead and Numbskull trails, but it also incorporates Lost Wood, Gravity, and the bottom half of DCDH. After climbing to the top and getting warmed up on Lost Wood, Blockhead is a challenging single black diamond trail that begins fairly moderate with some berms, launches, and drops.

But in the middle, the gnar ramps up, with some rock moves leading up to a substantial rock roll down a dirty, rippled slab.

Below the rock roll, the chunder continues to the bottom. After pedaling through a few connector trails, you'll pick up Numbskull to continue the double black diamond descent.

Numbskull begins with some rock features but then funnels into a series of fairly flowy berms, in between which you'll find some gnarly features, some more rock, and quite a few mandatory log drops.

All of the log drops are fairly small—in the 2-3 foot range (potentially bigger if you're rolling fast)—but many of these features are unavoidable with no ride arounds.

When the big gap jumps do crop up, they do include ride arounds, but be prepared to huck a lot of log drops into steep landings with catch berms at the bottom. The Gravity trail changes the ride style substantially, incorporating a fantastic series of rippled rock slabs, ledge drops, and a few more catch berms into the mix.

Gravity is one of the rockiest, slabbiest trails in Cumberland Forest, making for a fun, unique ride style. Finally, this technical challenge wraps up on the lower half of DCDH, which is designed as a true downhill race track.

This wide track features multiple lines through all the features, and advanced riders can manage to pick a rollable line through all of it.

However, expert riders will find plenty of drops and gaps to link—there are some big features and challenging lines to be found on DCDH.