A quick hike across a suspension bridge leads to a stunning waterfall.


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Elk Falls is a thundering 25-meter (89-foot) waterfall that crashes off a vertical cliff in the Campbell River.

The path to a series of viewpoints of this visually-impressive plunge is a popular hike.

The easy walking makes it a fun, family-friendly affair. The shortest route to view the falls measures just 1.1 miles round-trip.

"The trail is flat, wide, and well-groomed doubletrack," according to [OutdoorVancouver.com](https://www.outdoorvancouver.ca/elk-falls-hike-campbell-river/).

The short, flat walk on an easy path makes this hike achievable for almost everybody.

There are multiple viewing platforms, but for the best view of the entire falls, be sure to stop at the lower platform. While the waterfall is the goal of this hike, one of the absolute highlights is a 60-meter-long suspension bridge that spans Elk Falls Canyon.

This incredible feat of engineering is the highest pedestrian bridge on Vancouver Island.

While impressive in its own right, as you cross the bridge, you can watch the Campbell River surge through the canyon below you, and spot the falls just upriver.

On the other side of the bridge, you'll reach an upper viewing platform that provides an impressive view looking down on the falls.

Once done, you can either return to your car the way you came or, if you haven't had enough hiking yet, add on some bonus miles to view Deer Falls as well. Sources: [BCParks.ca](https://bcparks.ca/explore/parkpgs/elk_falls/) [OutdoorVancouver.com](https://www.outdoorvancouver.ca/elk-falls-hike-campbell-river/)