Skiing on one of Scotland's 10 highest peaks with beautiful panoramic views


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As one of the top 10 biggest mountains in the UK, Ben Lawers offers panoramic views, exciting skiing and the option of golden hour descents into the sunrise for the early bird backcountry skiers and snowboarders. Ben Lawers can provide stunning views of stacked up horizons in the distance as well as the beautiful lake in the foreground. The summit is around 6km and 800m of ascent from Ben Lawers Car Park, south of Lochan na Lairige.

The size of your day will depend on your choice of descent, as you'll have to re-ascend what you ride to get back to the path back to the car park.

This .gpx track shows a descent down the skier's left of the north east face, which then travels clockwise and re-ascends the east ridge. Depending on snow quality and coverage, this descent can have some tight turns in steep and narrow sections, as well as space for bigger turns at higher speeds.

Since snow cover will vary wildly from week to week and season to season, try to gather as much recent condition information as possible before heading out.

During leaner snow conditions, be prepared to do some hiking in trainers with skis and boots on backpacks, but the north east face tends to hold enough snow for a descent, even if you don't put your skis on until the summit.

Be prepared for it all - from creamy spring snow turns in golden sunrise lighting to wild weather and icy, exposed skiing.

You won't know exactly what you'll get until you're up there. All in all an excellent sample of Scottish skiing and scenery.