Explore a remote part of the mountain on this varied and straightforward trail


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The 2nd easiest route (after Switcheroo) off the Sunburst Express chairlift, this is a fun and meandering way down the mountain.

The trail has 3 quite contrasting sections, which means that even if you don't love the part you're on, you stand a good chance of liking the next bit! The route is accessed via a short trip along a 4x4 track and is then clearly signposted off to the right.

The top section of the route is quite undulating and rocky and does require some pedalling.

The trail gradually winds away from most of the Sun Peaks trails, and this makes it a fun way to explore a bit of terrain that no other route around here will take you to. Once into the middle section of the route you'll find the riding getting smoother, faster and more flow-y.

Finally, the lower section is tight, slower and more technical.

The 3 contrasting sections make this a varied ride rather than one which is exceptional in any respect.

As such, it's a good place from which to start your exploration of the bike park, as it gives you a little insight into every aspect of the riding in Sun Peaks.

There are even some little jumps in there, which are clearly marked with little orange flags. If you're looking for some wonderful ambience, trail riding of all sorts and a fun bit of exploration then this is the ride for you.

If you've only got one day and want to get as much tough riding in as possible, then look elsewhere!