Probably the easiest top-to-bottom route at Sun Peaks bike park, this is a fun introduction to the area.


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This line is long, fun and flowy, with minimal technicality and no significant obstacles.

Depending on your taste in trails that will either be extremely appealing, or sound like a waste of a lap! The berms, bends and tiny (optional) jumps of Switcheroo are well manicured and this is generally about as stress-free as downhill biking gets.

None of the corners are tight and, provided you keep concentrating and don't let your mind wander too much, you can enjoy the ambience of the trail, and the feeling of easily blasting down some fun terrain.

The views aren't bad either.... The trail switches between forest and open alpine meadows, so there's a constant contrast to enjoy as you cruise through the hillside which surrounds the Sunburst Express chairlift. One thing to be aware of is that the trail dries out more slowly than some of the other routes in the area, so Switcheroo will likely be muddy well into July every year, and will be wet for a few days after significant rainfall.

The mud is probably the biggest danger on the trail because you generally carry quite a lot of speed down the route and if you suddenly encounter a wet patch you could experience a sudden loss of traction! One more thing to bear in mind is that Switcheroo intersects several other trails on its way down the mountain, so you'll need to keep an eye out for other riders when approaching a junction.

The junctions are all well signposted, so just watch out for signs and slow down before any crossings. Towards the bottom of the route you'll hit a 4x4 track - turn right on this and keep an eye out for the bottom section of this trail, which is well signposted on the left.