Fast and furious - this is a Sun Peaks classic


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If you like ripping down smooth, well-sculpted trails, then you'll enjoy Canada Line.

The trail has been built skillfully, and although there are many little jumps, the amazing berms are the highlight of the route. Most of the trail goes through the forests but there are also some fun sections through more open terrain, and these are particularly scenic.

One section - shown in the photos attached to this route - has you ripping out of the forest and suddenly emerging into open terrain with the whole of Sun Peaks village visible below you.

You then sweep leftwards around a huge berm and then dive back into a little valley - all within the space of 10 seconds! There are also plenty of wooden features on this route, and there are a couple of particularly impressive wooden berms which you can either ride straight past or, if you've got the skills, try and ride up.

Towards the end of the line are some excellent detours which you might consider once you've lapped the main line a couple of times.

Root Dog and Holy Rollers are both aptly named, and hopefully speak for themselves, and Resurrection is a fun, technical blue trail riding line which is well worth checking out.

Many of the lines at Sun Peaks are quite jump-heavy but Resurrection is much more of a trail line, and makes for a fun and contrasting end to this route. Once you're done here then pushing a little further out and checking out Bermalade is a logical next step.