A steep, rocky, root-y and technical descent for those who like a challenge!


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This is a tough challenge which provides a nice contrast to many Sun Peaks lines because it's very much technical riding rather than freeriding.

There are plenty of routes around here which provide opportunities for air time, but this combination of 2 Sun Peaks black diamond lines is more about technical trail riding than jumps. The most technical and steep sections on this trail are pretty challenging, and unless you're operating in your comfort zone on this level of trail, then you might want to consider scoping a few parts out before committing to them.

Roots, rocks and tree stumps are all lurking to catch you if you make a mistake, so take your first lap down here slowly and get a feel for the trail before you ride it at top speed. The 2 trails (which we're describing here as one logical route) cross 5 Mile Road (the 4x4 track which winds down and through the Sun Peaks bike park) several times, so if you decide you'd like a change of scene midway down this line then you can easily detour onto a different route.

Most of the trails which can be easily accessed from this route are more straightforward than this one, so there are ample opportunities to ride a bit of black diamond and then shift onto a blue. So there we have it - steep, technical and challenging.

Great if you like that sort of thing, a scary trip if you don't! And if this line still isn't tough enough then there are some even tougher challenges to be found elsewhere in these parts....Insanity One, Honeydrop, Sticky One and Creeper all spring to mind!