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Both the American and Sun Peaks versions of Route 66 are fabulous adventures, but for very different reasons.

The US iteration is famous for its big sky and straight roads, but the - admittedly less famous - Sun Peaks route is the exact opposite, with more bends and berms than we could count! The route begins right next to the Sunburst Lodge, and there's a small church right by the top of the line too.

Only the most superstitious of riders will need to pray for safety on this line, however, because it's a fun, flowy trip down the mountain with relatively minimal technical challenge.

The berms on the are superbly built so they can be close together but roll and flow into each other beautifully, making this trail which puts a smile on your face.

We heard it described by a local as "hero riding" and it's an apt description - you let your bike run a bit you'll be rewarded with fast, furious and surprisingly easy-feeling fun.

There are some jumps too but you can roll over them if you're not feeling confident and want to suss the trail out before committing a bit more on your second or third time down the trail. Route 66 ends up merging with Canada Line towards the bottom of the run.

When the routes meet there are several options to get to the village - we've shown the line going down Root Dog (which is well named!) but Swithceroo, Canada Line or Resurrection would all work too.