One of the most famous tech runs in Cumberland, this loop runs deep into the trail network.


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This double black diamond run consisting of Further Burger -> Chunder -> Prohibition is one of the most famous tech runs in all of Cumberland Forest. The climb to the top follows the Sobo No Michi climbing route to Above and Beyond, then turns up the forest road to finish ascending to the very top on Grunt & Grind.

Finally, it's time to drop into the descent! Further Burger eases you into the gnar as a single black diamond trail with some up-and-down sections.

A few swooping corners lead into mellow rock gardens on relatively achievable singletrack.

A few sections of this trail are delightfully wide-open and fast—a rarity in Cumberland. Chunder ratchets up the technicality of the ride dramatically thanks to its double black diamond rating and associated obstacles.

The trail starts off fast, funneling into some respectable gap jumps.

Next, a series of highspeed rock gardens come at you fast, with some of the rocks offering launch pad opportunities.

The trail gets steep and deep in a hurry, offering a few big sender drops lower down.

Most of these big air obstacles can be avoided without too much difficulty, but the steep sections are definitely committing! The final section of the descent follows the Prohibition trail.

Tight corners filled with roots and rocks lead to some wide-open stretches that launch you into the crux moves on the trail: a couple of gaps leading to a wide-open stretch that funnels into a massive step-up jump.

Riders who aren't keen on big air can bypass these jumps.

Lower down, a few steep rock rolls will remind you that this isn't just a jump trail—they're guaranteed to keep you honest! Sources: [United Riders of Cumberland: "Chunder," Youtube]( [United Riders of Cumberland: "Prohibition," Youtube]( [Viper Mountain Biking, Youtube](