A fantastic, varied descent mixing tech with flow.


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Like all of the trails at Boer Mountain, Charlotte's Web can either be pedaled as a loop or shuttled.

The route shown here includes the Huff N Puff climbing trail to reach the mountain's summit. At the time of this writing in 2022, the Huff N Puff climbing trail is still under construction, although roughly two-thirds of it had already been completed in early summer.

This uphill track is a fantastic addition to the Boer Mountain trail system, providing a grade-conscious ascent up the mountain that's eminently pedalable.

While the dirt road is climbable, it's quite steep, and where the road passes through exposed sections, it can be quite hot in the sun.

In contrast, Huff N Puff winds its way slowly up perfectly-graded switchbacks through the cool shade of the forest.

A few sections do peek out of the trees on the rocky, exposed hillside, and where they do, you'll enjoy stunning views of the region! Finally, you'll arrive at the summit of the mountain.

From here, you can enjoy expansive views across Central BC.

You might be impressed by just how far you climbed to get here! Charlotte's Web begins to the right of the towers and starts dropping immediately.

Like many of the best trails at Boer Mountain, this superb downhill was designed and built by the famed Gravity Logic trail crew from the Whistler Bike Park.

However, this trail isn't all flow and jumps.

It's split up into at least three distinct sections. The initial drop-in consists of a series of steep, rocky switchbacks, with some tricky rock rolls in the middle of hairpin corners.

These are some of the most challenging moves on the trail, as it mellows out lower down. The middle section of the trail is home to a flowier trail style that you're more likely to associate with Gravity Logic.

You'll rip through some big berms, fantastic jumps, and hit a few massive wooden bridges. Finally, the descent wraps up with a mixed section of flow, rocks, jumps, and entertaining hits. Charlotte's Web flows all the way down to a road junction just above the main trailhead, making it one of the longest single trails that you'll find out at Boer Mountain.

This trail is an absolute gem and is definitely a must-ride when you visit Burns Lake!