A fantastic advanced jump line at Boer Mountain.


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Hogzilla is "Burns’ new version of A-Line," according to Ben Haggar on [Pinkbike.com](https://www.pinkbike.com/news/local-flavors-northern-bc-road-trip-part-1.html).

"Freshly opened at the end of 2020, this top to bottom machine built masterpiece has sizeable hits, drops and berms for nearly 5km!" he continues. The vast majority of the hits on this trail are perfectly-sculpted tabletop jumps.

The berms in the corners help keep the speed high and the flow on point.

While the vast majority of the jumps are tables, keep your eyes out for a few double gap jumps, step-down drops, step-ups, ledge drops, and even a long wooden bridge to a gap step down at the end.

With a few mandatory airs mixed in, Hogzilla definitely qualifies as an advanced jump run.

Sitting solidly in single black territory, this trail demands total commitment in some places.

If you're looking for a trail to help you hone your jumping skills, or if you're not feeling confident enough to clear mandatory gaps, head on over to When Pigs Fly on the other side of the road.

That intermediate-friendly trail is still entertaining enough to keep just about any mountain biker happy...

and it's much less death-defying. Like all of the trails on Boer Mountain, you have the option of either shuttling to the top or pedaling up on the newly-built Huff N Puff trail.

This challenging tech trail is most popular with the big bike crowd, and thus is shown as a shuttle run.

But if you want to earn your turns on your enduro bike, you can definitely pedal to the top too! Sources: [Pinkbike.com](https://www.pinkbike.com/news/local-flavors-northern-bc-road-trip-part-1.html) [Youtube.com, BCPOV Raw](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IJaTsVa6yc&ab_channel=BCpovRAW)