Fox Mountain's brand-new top-tier flow trail descent.


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Loose Moose is one of the newest additions to the Williams Lake Trail System at the time of this writing in 2022.

This modern flow trail descending the flanks of Fox Mountain was professionally machine built by Jeremy Stowards and Wylie Easton of New Path Forestry, Ltd. The trail begins with a few fantastic bridges, swoopy berms, and tabletop jumps.

As you descend, the trail speed accelerates, and the jumps get progressively bigger.

Like most high-quality flow trails, Loose Moose warms you up first before sending you into the biggest hits down low.

Lower down, the trail also utilizes some of the natural undulations in the mountainside for some big step-up jumps and small drops. Loose Moose is a high-caliber flow trail of the first degree that will please mountain bikers of all stripes who are looking for some air time.

However, it's been designed as an intermediate flow trail, meaning that all of the features can be rolled without consequence.

This allows intermediate riders to slowly build their confidence as they work up to the speed of the trail until, eventually, they can clear all the obstacles here. This trail is shown as a quick shuttle run beginning at the upper trailhead and ending at the visitors' center.

However, you can easily pedal this trail as a loop.

Search for the "Fox Mountain Loop," mapped separately, and simply substitute the entirety of Loose Moose into that route instead of Aflow Daddy.