A fantastic flow trail mash-up on Mount Tzouhalem.


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Mount Tzouhalem's most popular trails are easily its fantastic downhill flow trails.

This route ratchets up the difficulty a notch from the intermediate-friendly Double D by adding in the black diamond Resurrection trail.

This fast lap climbs to the top of Double D on the forest service road and then begins by descending the first stretch of the intermediate flow trail.

This trail is fast! While intermediate riders can roll down at a reasonable pace to fit their needs, advanced riders will be able to absolutely mach down this trail! The long sight lines, fantastic flow, and fairly steep grades in places will allow you to carry incredible speed down this entertaining descent.

This is yet another feature that you don't often find on new school flow trails.

Newer school trails are often built to control rider speed, but on Double D and Resurrection, it feels like you can just keep reaching for more! Double D offers superb high-speed old-school flow trail riding.

All of the corners feature substantial berms, although the size and the shape of the berms aren't consistent.

Some are short and tight.

Others are long and flowing.

It feels like this trail was built without the aid of serious earthmovers, which means that the builders had to craft the flow to work with the lay of the land instead of being able to carve massive, sweeping corners out of the mountainside. This route connects from Double D to Resurrection via Fluid.

Fluid keeps the swoop and flow high, but it's a much more natural trail with a tighter trail tread and fewer berms.

Take care to switch your riding style on Fluid, and then switch right back once you reach Resurrection. Resurrection receives a black diamond rating, but it still isn't insanely difficult.

Most of the jumps are mandatory gaps, but if you're not feeling any of them, it's quite easy to bypass the jumps entirely or take a smaller jump option.

Thus, the black-diamond rating would apply if you were to hit all of the biggest features, but if you were to bypass the jumps, it rides more like an easy intermediate trail. [RideCowichan.com](https://www.ridecowichan.com/tzouhalem) notes that, "the drops up top are great for beginners while further down the hits get bigger and serve as a good location for riders looking to work on their skills in the air.

It should be noted that as these features vary in difficulty, it is not safe to assume that you can ride the rest of the features after doing the first drops.

There are multiple lines to ride around all the obstacles on this trail."