The biggest jumps on Mount Tzouhalem.


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"Loam Line is a feature-filled trail with gap jumps and drops.

It is a great ride for riders wanting to pick up extended air time," writes [](

Loam Line is the most difficult jump trail on the mountain, ranking as a double black according to some sources.

However, only gives it a single black rating.

However you slice it, these jumps and drops are some of the most substantial hits on the mountain! You'll need to be prepared for large gap jumps and mandatory airs. Like most of the trails on the mountain, Loam Line is a hand-built trail that still retains an old-school flavor.

Even though you're hitting this line for the flow and jumps, you'll still have to negotiate some big root webs at high speeds.

Combining big jumps with roots (which can sometimes be very slick) requires adept bike handling. Even though you'll find some big hits on this trail, most of the features can be bypassed.

Unfortunately, bypassing the features will almost completely ruin the natural rhythm and flow that has been designed into this trail.

RideCowichan also notes that "this run takes you away from the main network and you will have to climb back up to return to the other trails." Sources: []( [Skills With Phil, Youtube](