An ideal introduction to freeride jump lines


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This line does what it says on the tin; it's easy, and winds down through a beautiful series of forests and meadows.

Features-wise, much of the terrain is rolling, so there are plenty of opportunities to take mini airs, but there aren't any real "jumps".

Much of the terrain might best be described as "whoop de-do" riding - it feels like a rollercoaster and all you have to do is hold on! There are also some motocross-esque rollers, so every time you ride the line you'll be able to pump these a little faster and might, given enough skill and practise, even be able to gap a couple of them. Elsewhere you'll find some steep-ish berms and some small wooden features to cross, but even beginner and intermediate riders will be able to safely descend Easy Wind without any stress. One great added bonus on this trail is that is passes through quite a remote part of the Sun Peaks area, so within a few minutes of leaving the lift you can feel like you're in the middle of nowhere.

The trail was only put in in summer 2022 so this section of the hillside was rarely visited until then - be extra mindful of bears which haven't yet figured out that they need to avoid the area! At the time of writing (summer 2022) the track was brand new and so it needed a bit of riding in to get it super smooth.

We found it quite loose and "new" feeling but a few thousand sets of tires should sort it out nicely! Once it's firmly bedded in, expect a smooth rollercoaster ride down a gorgeous part of the hill.