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Starting Location: Rifugio Passo Valles Ending Location: Rifugio Mulaz Optional Routes: (A) Via Ferrata del Canalino, (B) Sasso Arduini (2,582m) summit Regional Map: Tabacco Map 022 Path Numbers: 751 Places to eat/drink on route: None, due to a shorter day it is possible to get to Rifugio Mulaz before lunch If you’ve been following this guide from the start of the AV2, you might just be looking forward to a shorter day out on the trail to allow the body some much needed rest.

Well, here it is.

**Optional Route (A) – For those who are addicted to via ferrata or are not feeling the affect of sore legs, check out via ferrata Del Canalino that encircles and top’s out on the Mulaz (2,906m) summit.

Follow the link below: https://www.ferrate365.it/en/vie-ferrate/ferrata-canalone-mulaz/ Leave Passo Valles on path 751.

For those going straight to Mulaz, this is the only path number you will need all day.

Climb up the valley to reach the col of Forcella Venegia and admire the fantastic views behind you.

Say hi to the beautiful alpine cattle that are everywhere. Follow the path around Cima della Venegiota (2,401m) (as the GPX file does) or climb the ridge to its summit.

Either way, they both end up meeting eventually to cross some cable-aided sections before snaking right under some terrific Dolomiti terrain.

Here is a great place to just stop and admire the views over towards Cimon della Stia (2,391m).

Follow the path to a steeper section which encompasses more cable-aided terrain and eventually reaches Rifugio Mulaz. **Optional Route (B) – A short climb to the summit of Sasso Arduini (2,582m) can provide that little something extra if you’re looking for more in your day.

An option would be to reach Rifugio Mulaz, drop off any equipment you don’t need a retrace your steps back down to the start of the climb for a more enjoyable experience. Rifugio Mulaz https://www.caiveneto.it/rifugio/volpi-al-mulaz This hike and guide were completed during summer weather conditions.

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