Take a quick hike to the incredible views from Kincaid Beach.


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If you want to dip your toes in the frigid waves lapping at the shores of Anchorage, there aren't many places where you can easily reach the waterline.

At low tide, expansive tidal flats open up in many spots between the shore and the water.

These long mud flats can be treacherous if you try to cross them. However, at the western end of Kincaid Park, you'll find the perfect spot to reach the water.

Known as "Kincaid Beach," here, the soil is rocky and sandy, and a path leads down to the beach, providing easy access to the water.

From the beach, you'll enjoy expansive views of Turnagain Arm and Knik Arm, the mountains ringing the water, and on a clear day—massive peaks in the distance. The shortest path to reach Kincaid Beach begins at the main trailhead in Kincaid Park.

Begin by following the paved Coastal Trail to the west as it twists down a short, steep hill toward the water.

Near the bottom of the hill, take a left onto a gravel trail, following signs for the beach. This gravel trail narrows down to a dirt path and then culminates in a short, steep, sandy descent down to the beach itself.

Right before the final descent to the beach, you'll spot a bike rack, which is a great spot for cyclists to lock their steeds up so they don't have to carry them down and push back up the hill. It's also possible to incorporate a visit to beautiful Kincaid Beach into a much longer adventure, be it a longer hike in Kincaid Park, a mountain bike ride through the trail system, or a gravel or paved bike ride on the greenway network that spans Anchorage.

Whether you choose to follow this short out-and-back or head out on a more epic adventure, a stop to soak in the beautiful views from Kincaid Beach is a must!