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Sun Peaks resort is building a new ascent trail to the top of Mount Morrisey, and a singletrack descent to go with it, but at the time of writing (July 2022) neither are complete. This is a fun way of travelling up and down a Sun Peaks landmark, and it's short enough to be done in less than 2 hours return.

Start out by following the Vista trail, which starts to the left of the foot of the Morrisey Express chairlift.

The track up is wide and clear all the way up, and it passes through some gorgeous open meadows and fields of colourful wildflowers.

The ascent route is steep in places but it should all be rideable if you don't mind putting your back into it! Upon reaching the top of Mount Morrisey, and there's a nice view but the peak isn't high enough for a true 360 vista.

The ambience is great, though, and you're unlikely to share the mountain with anyone. The descent trail starts immediately south of the top of the chairlift - just follow it easily and keep an eye out for the occasional signpost and pink ribbon which mark the way.

The route is easy trail riding and leads you down onto a beautiful and remote part of the Sun Peaks forests.

Not long after leaving the top of Mount Morrisey you'll get into some fabulous open meadows, but the forests begin to close in again as you drop further down.

The trail eventually swings around to meet the ascent track.

Rip down this back down to the village.