Legendary tight powdery aspen glades at Vail that was removed from the trail map as of the 2021-22 ski season









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As of the 2021-22 ski season, The Narrows, considered to be one of the most special and legendary glade areas at Vail, was officially removed from the trail map.

This doesn't necessarily mean this run is completely closed as the area doesn't fall under the permanently closed area that can be found adjacent to the run on the trail map.

It simply means that ski patrol no longer desires to advertise the run to the general public to hopefully minimize the amount of rescues needed in this run.

When it was officially open to the public, "The Narrows" was significantly harder than Frontside Chutes and Mudslide due to extremely minimal room to navigate between trees.

It's also harder than The Pumphouse and gave Prima Cornice a good running for the title of hardest run at Vail.

"The Narrows is a challenging run that takes quite a bit of snow coverage.

And while it’s still available when conditions permit, the decision was made to remove it from the trail map this season.

That does not mean the run is permanently closed." - John Plack (Vail Mountain's Spokesperson) Local band Your Robot Overlords are selling “Save The Narrows” T-shirts in their Threadless.com store.

The “about the design” section of the online shop says, in all caps, “The powers that be closed one of the last great frontside runs this year.

Protest with us.”