Anchorage's technical test piece.


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Dig Deep is Anchorage's most infamous tech trail.

It's renowned for breaking local bikes and riders left and right, and rumor has it that the damage this trail doles out creates enough business to keep an entire bike shop running.

The reason? Because all the other trails in Anchorage are downright easy.

Dig Deep actually approaches the technicality of advanced trails in other areas of the world, and thus it gets a black diamond rating on the map and a "Severe" FATMAP rating. Dig Deep is a techy, chunky, rooty trail with some rocks in it, some big roots, and some fairly extended root web sections.

The roots are truly the most challenging feature, and if they're wet, this trail can get downright treacherous. However, there are two factors that keep Dig Deep from not being all that intimidating on a national or international scale.

The first is that the grade of the trail isn't all that steep, especially compared to trail systems in the Yukon and British Columbia.

The second factor that keeps it approachable is that even though there are big, challenging root webs, there are big smooth flat spots in between them.

So instead of a relentless sea of roots, it's more like riding one feature, resting for a bit, and then riding the next feature. Regardless of whether or not it's truly difficult, Dig Deep is downright fun! With the right finesse or a little bit of practice on the lines, you can blast through this trail and really push yourself.

Advanced riders will also spot places in the trail where you can gap over the roughest features, thereby increasing your speed and flow. If the extent of your mountain biking experience consists of Alaskan trails, then proceed with caution when you drop into Dig Deep.

If, however, you've honed your skills on the technical test pieces in Canada, be sure to put Dig Deep at the very top of your must-ride list when you visit Anchorage!