Hillside Park's quintessential black diamond jump trail.


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Gauer Power is the quintessential black diamond jump line in the Hillside Park trail system.

While Jeff's Whoop Whoop is the classic intermediate jump trail (and thus the most popular trail in the system), Gauer Power is a step up in difficulty from there. The added difficulty comes simply from the increased size of the hits.

The tables are bigger, and there are some doubles and a few drops mixed in.

There are also some random rocky sections strewn throughout that add some roughness and technicality to the equation.

Thankfully, there are plenty of big berms that help keep the speed high and the flow on point! The route shown here is the most efficient way to ride Gauer Power as a single loop, but like all of the trails in the Hillside Park trail system, you can always tack on bonus miles to create a longer ride.

Some sections of Gauer Power can also be mixed and matched with other trails to create longer descents.

One popular route option is to ride the first section of Gauer Power, take a right onto a connector trail, and then drop into Eh-line to finish the descent down the hillside.