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This isn't so much of a bike trail as a way of getting away from the crowds and into the wilder parts of the Sella Ronda.

The riding is pretty straightforward and simply involves rolling down wide tracks - the only technicality being the need to negotiate the occasional bit of loose gravel. The trail is shared with pedestrians, and due to the proximity of various lifts, it can get pretty busy.

It's recommended to control your speed and make sure that you don't get anywhere close to riding at your limit because you'll be passing people constantly and they're not always predictable! The trail begins from the Ciampinoi gondola, which rises straight out of Wolkenstein village centre.

There's minimal parking at the gondola station, but there are various parking areas dotted around the village, including a handy one just to the north of the Pra Valenti restaurant.

On the assumption that you're doing this trail as part of the Sella Ronda MTB route, you'll need to pick up a Sella Ronda ticket at the foot of the Ciampinoi gondola, and they cost €51 at the time of writing (summer 2022).

Once up the gondola and onto this trail you'll see plenty of signposts for the green/anti-clockwise Sella Ronda route.

Most people doing the Sella Ronda start in Wolkenstein so this will likely be the first trail of a wonderful day.

Take it slowly, respect your fellow trail users and enjoy the epic scenery.

You'll have plenty of great trail riding later in the day, so simply get this bit done and get on the rest of an epic ride!