Exceptional trail riding plus great views and some excellent rifugios en route


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On the tougher (anti-clockwise) version of the Sella Ronda, this is one the best sections of riding.

The views aren't bad either! The ride begins from the top of the Pecol-Col Rossi gondola and the first section is an easy roll along a shared use trail to the Rifugio Baita Fredarola.

From here the fun really starts! Drop into the beautiful valley to the south-east of Sasso Beccé and roll down the exceptional, smooth berms of the Lezuo trail.

Follow these, trying not to get too distracted by the vista, and drop down to the road which accesses Passo Pordoï.

Cross the road and follow the equally fun All Fever trail as it rips down to the foot of the Vauz-Pordoï (Fodom) gondola. The riding all the way down (on both trails) is not especially technical, but it is quick so it's still possible to fall, even if the trail is smoother and easier than many of the others in these parts.

One great feature of this trail is that it passes a series of exceptional rifugios, and with the biggest climb of the Sella Ronda (the trip up to Passo Incisa) coming up, taking a lunch break at one of the huts you'll pass on this section makes sense.

Expect a combination of Italian and Tirolian cuisine and a good selection of traditional beers.

Whether to drink a beer with more technical trail riding and a big climb to come is a personal choice, but there's no doubt it improves morale!