The big one! The longest lift-free section of the Sella Ronda is wild and beautiful.


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This long, wild and adventurous part of the Sella Ronda begins at the top of the Vauz-Pordoï (Fodom) gondola, right on the Passo Pordoï.

It's possible to drive, hike or bike up to Passo Pordoï but the gondola is certainly the most enjoyable option! Regardless of how you got there, the Passo Pordoï is a beautiful place which is worth exploring briefly.

In winter it's home to some epic ski terrain (just check this out if you don't believe us and in summer is the start point for countless hiking and biking adventures. For this particular trip ride east off the col along a track and follow it to the Ossario - a somewhat creepy cemetery containing remains from WW1 and WW2 Austrian and German soldiers.

The positioning of the Ossario seems somewhat random but there are certainly worse views to spend eternity looking at. From the Ossario drop onto the flowing singletrack to the south-east.

The track rolls and undulates across the hillside beneath the Sella towers and has an amazing view across to the Marmolada range too.

There are several short climbs on the track but they're rocky and awkward - getting off and pushing is easier than trying to pedal up them but they're only a couple of minutes long either way. The riding is never hard but it does involve some rocky sections and tight-ish curves mixed in amongst the flow. The track leads to the impossibly well-positioned Rifugio Col de Burz.

Grab a coffee and then drop into Burz singletrack.

This is tougher than what's proceeded it, with some tight turns and (usually) some muddy sections too.

The riding is fun though and once you get used to the slightly steeper angle you can get a nice flow going. All too soon the trail leads down to a jeep track, which in turn leads to Arabba.

Climb out of Arabba on the road to Varda and then drop down on a singletrack to the La Stua dei Bacagn restaurant, where a final coffee before the big climb is recommended! Climb up to Cherz on a paved road and then continue climbing up through a beautiful, open valley towards the Passo Incisa on a bumpy jeep track.

Those with exceptionally strong thighs might be able to ride every metre of the route to Incisa, but most mere mortals will need to get off and push a couple of times on the steeper sections of the jeep track! Once at Incisa, award yourself a pat on the back, grab a drink at the stunning Rifugio Marmotta and begin the descent down to Corvara.

There are trails everywhere (and more being developed all the time) so either follow our suggested line down some fun terrain, or piece together your own route.

At worst you'll end up on a road which leads down to Corvara and at best you'll find some epic riding! Whichever way you go, you'll eventually be funnelled down into Corvara - a busy little village with a fun, buzzy feel.

Cross the village and climb up on a series of smooth shared use trails to reach the foot of the Plans gondola, which will likely be a welcome sight after a long spell in the saddle!