One of the finest descents on the entire Sella Ronda!


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The second hardest section of riding on the Sella Ronda (after the Infinity Trail) and possibly the most enjoyable bit of the entire trip, this is a fabulous descent. The route starts at the top of the Campolongo - Bec de Roces chairlift and from there it's a fun and technical trip down to Arabba.

Before setting off, take a little time to enjoy the view across to the Marmolada and the ever-shrinking glacier on its north face.

You can also pick out the next lift you'll be taking from Arabba, and the trail which descends from it. The Bec de Roces trail has a bit of everything, from fast and flowing sections through to rocky and rooty terrain through forests.

There's some tricky parts on the trail and it requires constant concentration - something which you don't need on some of the Sella Ronda's more flow-y sections.

The Bec de Roces eventually meets a wide and rocky jeep track which leads down into Arabba village.

Arabba itself is one of the most charming settlements in this part of the Dolomites, with a nice combination of buzz and tranquility.

You'll be spoiled for choice if you decide to stop for a bite to eat in the village - there are pizza and pasta restaurants galore, and all of them are excellent! To continue with the Sella Ronda, cross the village and head south to the lift station from which several gondolas and cable cars start.

Take the Arabba Tronco gondola - the easternmost of the 3 lifts - and continue with your journey.