Breathtaking scenery and a bumpy trail make this a great mini adventure


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In an incredibly strong field, this might be the most scenic part of the entire Sella Ronda trail.

At the top of the Araba DMC2 gondola you're greeted with a huge vista across the highest peak in the Dolomites - the majestic Marmolada.

The glacier on the mountain's north face is getting progressively smaller as the world warms up, but for now it is still there and is beautiful.

The south face of the mountain is perhaps even more famous and it's well worth detouring to see it if you ever find yourself on that side of the Dolomites. When you're finally done staring at the view, ride down a wide and bump jeep track which leads you down beneath the Marmolada and then swings around to take you onto the hillside above Arabba.

If you've got time then going back to Arabba via the superb and technical Trail Porto Vescovo is well worth doing, but if you need to keep moving then follow this line as it winds down to the Fodom gondola.

The descent to the Fodom gondola is made up of both steep, bump jeep tracks, and some fun sections of natural-feeling trail riding.

Overall this isn't one of the better sections of the Sella Ronda but the views and ambience more than make up for the somewhat discontinuous riding. By the time you reach the Fodom gondola you'll likely feel pretty beaten up after such a long period of bumpy riding - enjoy some chill time on the lift!