A long and low angled rollercoaster ride


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After a lot of bumpy and technical trails on the clockwise Sella Ronda, this is a real change of pace and style.

The route begins with a slightly awkward descent to the Passo Sella, and then a re-ascent along a wide track to the top of the Gran Paradiso chairlift.

From here, the fun really begins! The trail which follows is fun, easy and exceptionally well built.

The whole run is smooth and straightforward, but still features some impressively big berms and countless tabletops, mini drops and (optional) small jumps.

There aren't many opportunities for rests on the trail - it just keeps on coming with little respite or logical stopping points.

Fortunately the trail is smooth and well maintained so - unlike many of the Sella Ronda's trails - isn't too bumpy and hard on the joints.

If you want some more challenging riding than that offered here, you can choose to ride "Easy Jumpline" instead of "Family Line" just below the Piz Seteur gondola.

Hopefully the name of the 2 lines is sufficient for you to choose between them, but just in case it isn't clear - Easy Jumpline is a freeride jump trail, and Family Line is a super smooth, cruis-y route which is suitable for riders of virtually all ability levels. Both trails then lead down to the small village of Plan de Gralba, from where it's an easy roll down into Wolkenstein.

If you started the Sella Ronda in Wolkenstein then you'll be spoiled for choice when looking for calorie and liquid replenishment!