A great quick loop when the weather is wet.


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This short loop on Business Time is a great quickie when you're really hankering to get down to business, or if you want to get wet.

Since the climb goes straight up a dirt road and the descent goes down on a rough, rocky trail tread, the entire route is very resilient to rain, making this a popular mountain bike ride when the weather is extremely soggy. Granted, if you choose to ride this in the wet, the rock rolls, ledges, and wooden bridges can be *slick* and treacherous—proceed with caution. Despite being rated a single black diamond, when the weather is dry, Business Time is a very approachable descent.

Thanks to a few climbs on the way down, the grade is never very steep, and despite some big features, there are always optional ride-arounds. For the rider willing to link together the bigger rock rolls, bridges, and optional drops, Business Time provides a delightful feature-filled descent.

Rock gardens and chunder can be found as well, but since the bench cutting and grade of Business Time appears more intentional than other trails in Whistler, you won’t be confronted with as many loose fall line skid sections.

Unlike the fall line trails in Whistler, Business Time has been built to last a lifetime—and it shows.