Technical, root-y and rocky riding on a quiet part of the mountains


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This is a superb trail which lies quite far from the other Sauze d'Oulx lines and feels nicely remote.

The access to the route is via an easy jeep track which leads away from the top of the Sportinia chairlift to the top of the Cote Faure chairlift.

The Pian della Rocca line proper begins just the far side of the Cote Faure and is clearly signposted. Once on the line, the riding is technical, root-y and rocky, with continuous difficulty and few spots where you can relax.

There are also some huge optional jumps which only the most confident of riders will tackle onsight! Most mere mortals will at least want to take a look at them and then hike back up before tackling them, and doing so is highly recommended. Midway down the mountain Pian della Rocca ends and you'll merge onto One Way Only, which - despite getting the same grade as Pian della Rocca on the official bike park map - is much easier than what preceded it.

The track is slightly vaguer but the riding is faster, smoother and easier.

The excellent Rifugio Ciao Pais lies close to where the 2 trails meet and it's a beautiful spot at which to grab some lunch.

As such, doing this route midway through your day is a good idea. Shortly before reaching the foot of the Sportinia chairlift, you'll end up on Les Clotes - an easy blue run which winds down through some lovely meadows and past grazing cows.