Quite possibly the best trail at Sauze d'Oulx!


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This is an exceptional trail, with 2 completely contrasting sections.

The top half of the run is fast and flowy - you'll feel as if the bike is rolling along and riding itself while you simply sit on top; it's more of a rollercoaster ride than a bike ride! The top section is quite straightforward and has a wonderful, natural flow to it.

There are also some optional jumps for those who want a little bit of air under their tires. Halfway down the line the character changes completely, and things suddenly get much more technical, with root-y and rocky riding.

The dry summer climate that the Sestirere region enjoys means that the riding is usually pretty dusty too, which makes the corners even trickier.

If you come here following some rain the trail will probably be slightly nicer to ride (provided it isn't still wet, in which case the roots will get pretty slippery) than it is after a prolonged dry spell. Depending on your taste, you'll prefer either the first or second half of this run, but both are highly enjoyable.

The overall experience of the route is absolutely superb and this is certainly one of the finest lines at the bike park.

It's a logical place from which to start exploring the area as it is right next to the Sportinia chairlift, and offers interesting but not overly difficult riding.

Once you've done this run then the Rockmaster/Run to Bali line is a logical next step.