A bumpy ride with some huge (optional) airs!


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This is a great trip for those who like their riding bumpy! Your shoulders, elbow and wrists will all be working hard on this line, and there's ample opportunity to fall off, so keep paying attention! The neighbouring line of Tippy's Witch is slightly easier, so do that route first if this one sounds a bit too much for you. The ride is dominated by some pretty meaty obstacles, all of which are rideable but challenging for upper intermediate riders.

In addition to the unavoidable obstacles there are some BIG optional airs, so most riders will need to take a few laps on this line before taking on its toughest features. The trail isn't super flowy, unlike many of the Sauze d'Oulx routes, so this is completely different in character to the majority of the bike park's lines.

Even when you're on the trail this ride is bumpy, but if you get off line then it gets bumpier still! Stick right on the line itself if you want it to be at the grade we've given it. Midway down this line Rockmaster becomes Fly to Bali, and right at the point where the 2 lines merge is a LARGE optional air, and there's another big gap jump lower down which would be scary at any time, but especially if taken on sight! Eventually this line leads down to the lower section of Tippy's Witch.

Follow this back to the chairlift and go for another lap so that you can continue to work on the jumps and begin to master this route.